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Image and Recipe Use Policy

I appreciate your interest in this website and the contents herein. It’s been a 10 year project and the work put into it is immense.

If you would like to use any of the recipes or photos here, my policy is as follows:

  1. You can use one photo per recipe

2. For each photo, link back to the recipe on this site, reference the website and link to the homepage too.

Example: “Easy Southern Collard Greens Recipe” by “Loaves and Dishes

4. No more than 5 of my photos / recipes in a single post (example: for a roundup of southern food, please don’t use more than 5 of my recipes in your post).

5. Commercial use of any of my content – words or images – without permission is prohibited.

If you would like to share my content any other way, PLEASE CONTACT ME BY EMAIL AT . Specifically, I do not give permission to share my content where the ingredients or recipe directions are provided, except in very limited circumstances. And I never give permission to use my photos + ingredients + directions.


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