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Cheese dip

dip on a chip

Cheeseburger Dip

FAST, EASY Cheeseburger Dip with the hearty meaty taste of burgers and cheese together with all of your favorite burger toppings like tomato and onion PLUS add BACON for even MORE flavor! 

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A very close up shot of CHORIQUESO DIP


Choriqueso Dip. Let’s holler it out! CHORIQUESO DIP! So simple, so delicious, so EASY. This dip will be your choice the next time you have company over, go to a pool party, play cards or watch TV by yourself! Personally, I think the best use of this dip is to make some for the best …

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Sharp Cheese Dip

Sharp Cheese Dip

WHOOT WHOOT! Who has two thumbs and LOVES some sharp cheese? ME! That’s who! This delicious Sharp Cheese Dip features Gorgonzola cheese – and I mean features it in an awesome kind of way! Have a party to go to this summer? Perfect, and I do mean this is the perfect dip to take along …

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