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corn dip

Corn Dip

Tasty and mildly spicy corn dip that goes FAST at parties and can be thrown together in less than 10 MINUTES! This cold corn dip is ready for a fiesta ANY TIME!

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A top down view of a pan of southern cornbread

Southern Cornbread

What is better than a fluffy hot Southern Cornbread? I’ll tell you! The crispy crust of a Southern Cornbread is best! Today, I share the PRO TIP for a crispy crust to the cake of your HOT Southern Cornbread!

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Freaky Hot Wing popcorn in a blue and yellow polka dot bowl on a blue towel

Freaky Hot Wing Popcorn

  Welcome to Loaves and Dishes – today is the day we get our popcorn freak on! WHOOT WHOOT! Freaky Hot Wing Popcorn.   Remember eating caramel popcorn as a kid? Cracker Jacks,  if you are as old as me? Ever wonder what the lovechild of a  freakish marriage between the Cracker Jacks Sailor and a …

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Southwest Corn Sauce with sour cream on top in a wooden bowl

Southwest Corn Sauce

  Hello Gorgeous Reader!!!  If you came here yesterday looking for crockpot Chicken, I’m sorry, there was no post. A bad thing happened to the crock pot chicken…. and  his name is Pete Spraker     I was called away from taking chicken photos and before I could return (insert scary music), Pete had eaten …

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