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Cheeseburger Shellys

Cheeseburger Stuffed Pasta

Cheesy and meaty with tomato sauce PLUS you can put it all together and have dinner on the table in less than 45 minutes! Comfort food AT ITS FINEST! cheeseburger stuffed pasta! With this dish you’ll go straight to ROCKSTAR status today! Your family and friends are gonna hollar “MORE!! MORE!!! MORE!!!!” My very own …

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hamburger gravy covering two biscuits on a blue plate with skillet in background


Trust me, you are going to be so happy about this. A little (ok, a lot, let’s face it, we aren’t capable of just doing a little) of this creamy meaty hamburger gravy splashed over some toast, biscuit, southern fried potatoes and onions or literally anything on your dinner plate is simply the most perfect …

A close up photo of the Biggest Baddest Best Hamburgers

Biggest Baddest Best Hamburgers

***This recipe for Biggest Baddest Best Hamburgers is an entry into BUDWEISER SAUCES ULTIMATE BLOGGER RECIPE CHALLENGE-FREEDOM RESERVE recipe contest and it is a TABLE BANGING good recipe too! Budweiser sent me free sauces and marinades to use in the creation of this recipe, however, the post, recipe and descriptions are all my own thoughts, …

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Crockpot Cheeseburger Soup

Crockpot Cheeseburger Soup

My cup is always more than half full! Guess what happens when I am sick? I learn about all kinds of new TV programs that I might never have discovered! I think I told you one time before about how I had been binge watching Ramen Noodle cooking shows on Netflix (food GEEK!) and that …

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Lamburger Gouda Mac

Lamburger Gouda Mac

Occasionally,  dinner time around here resembles an episode of “Chopped”. We had one of those nights this week. Halleluiah and DANG! Sometimes those mystery ingredients can turn out a pretty darn good dish! Let me introduce you to Lamburger Gouda Mac.

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