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How To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

The kitchen is one of the most sensitive places in your house. While you may tolerate a highly cluttered bedroom, it’s significantly more difficult to withstand a disorganized kitchen. Let’s talk about How To Keep Your Kitchen Organized!

Stack of white plates with small tongs, silverware and napkin

Keeping things organized is key.

If you fail to clean up your kitchen, it’s likely that you’ll develop food-borne complications that will adversely affect the quality of your life. 

Besides the health hazards, a disorganized kitchen can easily inflate your budget! This happens when the situation in your kitchen takes away emotional and physical well-being, making it literally impossible to cook.

As a result, you will probably find yourself eating out a lot more often. This can make a big dent in your wallet.

How to Increase Storage Space and Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Increasing your kitchen’s storage space makes it relatively easy for you to prepare healthy meals for your family. Here are a few housekeeping tips that will help you achieve enough space in your kitchen:

A clutter of mess on the kitchen counter with jars, packages and slow cooker.

A mess on my kitchen counter!

Take Stock and Eliminate Clutter

You’ll be shocked to realize that you do not need most of the items that you have in your kitchen. You can check out the basic items I recommend on the Resources Page. 

To ensure that such unnecessary stuff does not take up space, you should regularly complete your inventory. After the exercise, you should remove all the items that you rarely use and remain with the basics.

This will declutter your kitchen and allow you more space for utilization in your culinary activities.

For example, if you have 20 mugs, 18 plates, and 30 spoons in your drawer, you’ll likely complain of congestion. But do you really need all these items?

What if you remove them and remain with the only ones that you need? These questions should form the basis of your decluttering process.

Pots and pans piled up in an outdoor kitchen for how to keep your kitchen organized

A mess if you don’t keep it cleaned up.

Kitchen Helpers

If you’ve unsuccessfully tried your best to organize your kitchen, then you need several MVP products to transform your kitchen’s outlook. Here are a few that you may consider:

  • Extra Storage. There are several MVP items that you can use to ease your process of getting items from your kitchen cabinet. For example, a rise or a Lazy Susan can help you access the spices, oils, and other cooking items from the upper cabinet. Also, you can install pullout drawers to increase the space available for storing containers and towels.
  • Hanging Areas. If your kitchen is really small and you have no more storage space for your items, then this could come to your rescue. You can have areas to mount some of the common items that you use in your kitchen, including pots and pans. When looking for pot racks, you can choose between the wall-mounted and the ceiling-mounted varieties. If your kitchen is really cramped, then you’ll have the opportunity to even utilize your ceiling!
  • Pantry and Refrigerator. Organizational products such as Mason jars will come in handy in ensuring that you to maximize your refrigerator’s space. The jars make it easy to stack products in your fridge without necessarily compromising their quality
a photo from the side of an open jar of CARDAMOM PLUM JAM with two crackers

Mason jars can help organize the mess

  • Drawer Dividers There are several drawer dividers that you can use to make it easy to find the utensils. They allow you to store specific products in specific drawers, thus minimizing cluttering and easing the searching process.

Saving Counter Space

When your counter is free of clutter, it’s highly appealing, and it’ll increase your agility when preparing meals. You should only store items that you frequently use for your daily chores.

All the other items should be stored in your kitchen cabinets and drawers and only removed when you needed. For example, you do not need two different types of measuring cups on your counter space. You can never use both at the same time.

pie pan holding various types of measuring spoons

No need for different utensils for the same purpose

In fact, having two different types of utensils with similar functions will complicate your efforts to keep your kitchen clean.

This is due to the ever-present temptation to get the clean utensil instead of cleaning the one in the sink!

As a result, the dirty utensils will accumulate, leading to an absolutely unhygienic situation.

two bowls of sugar with cutting boards in background standing on edge for organization

You can see my cutting boards stacked up in the background

Arranging Your Cutting Boards

When you have a large chopping board in your kitchen, you not only risk having a cluttered kitchen but also present a possible health hazard.

The boards can easily slide from your counter and fall on your legs, which can be detrimental.

To avoid such occurrences, it’s advisable that you devise a technique to store the chopping boards safely. For example, you can strategically place them on top of your refrigerator or lean it uprightly against the wall where you can easily access it.

If you’re using small plastic chopping boards, it’s advisable that you hang them against the wall using a hook. This guarantees that you’ll have enough cooking space as well as easy access to everything that you need during your culinary activities. 

eggs on a towel with cutting boards in background for organization

Just keep the counters decluttered

Bottom Line

You should always ensure that you keep your kitchen organized and clean. This will enhance your safety and boost your emotional health.

One of the crucial considerations that you should never forget is to declutter your kitchen. Only have the items that you need and safely store the others in drawers and cabinets. That way, you’ll have sufficient space in your kitchen.

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