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So many delicious recipes come from the Amish Country and this amish recipe is no different. Great recipes like a delicious tomato soup or a cheesy sourdough pull apart bread come from the good cooks in the Amish hills and this Best Sweet Amish Chili Soup Recipe (Country Dinner) is too. 

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Leftover pulled pork, a savory delight born from slow cooked pork butt slathered in barbecue sauce (bbq sauce) is a southern culinary gem! Ensuring that it lasts a long time in the fridge demands proper storage techniques. Let me show you how long can leftover pulled pork last in the fridge from it’s initial preparation …

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This Chicken Sub Sandwich is a favorite of picky eater s everywhere! No matter if it is your first time creating this continental sandwich recipe or something you said you would do next time, This Best Cheesy Chicken Submarine Sandwich Recipe (Easy) will have chicken submarine recipe fans smiling ear to ear! 

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Sweet tender and perfectly cooked! You need to know how to cook frozen crab legs for the perfect dinner! Cooking crab legs is an easy way to have a fancy meal in a matter of minutes. This step-by-step guide is our favorite way and cooking method and you’ll be holding your special occasion in no time at …

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When the fresh yellow squash bounty of the vegetable garden overwhelms your kitchen, creating a delectable yellow squash casserole is an excellent solution! If you find yourself with more than you can consume, knowing how to freeze yellow squash casserole (easy best way) is a great way to preserve its deliciousness for later indulgence. 

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When you have a big crowd holiday meals, you need the classic green bean casserole double recipe for your Thanksgiving table! You need the Best Double Green Bean Casserole Recipe (Classic) with fresh green beans or canned, crispy onions and a dash of soy sauce, the classic holiday side dish! 

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Cooking Ground Turkey offers a lean and flavorful alternative to traditional ground beef opening up a world of delicious possibilities in this best recipe for how to cook ground turkey!  The best way to harness the savory potential of lean ground turkey involves a thoughtful approach to preparation.  Begin by choosing quality lean ground turkey, …

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