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close up of watermelon grapefruit salad on a white plate

Watermelon Fruit Salad

What says summer more than watermelon? This recipe is Summery, Fresh and has just a FEW ingredients that pack a POW of surprisingly delicious taste! You can throw this summer-y watermelon fruit salad together in minutes and have everyone in AWE of your awesome abilities! Try it today!

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cast iron skillet with edges of crispy cornbread showing

Cracklin Cornbread

Crispy, Fluffy, Crunchy Tasty Edges and a tangy center are exactly what you’ll find with this delicious rendition of Cracklin Cornbread! So easy, just mix it all together and pour it in the hot pan. It’s ready in minutes!

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How to cook Ground Beef from frozen, from scratch, homemade, in a crockpot, in a skillet, in an instapot, in a pressure cooker, in the microwave. Great for spaghetti, nachos, tacos, sloppy joes and more! Be your own Paula Deen or Pioneer Woman! #groundbeef #recipes

How To Break Up Ground Beef

Ever wondered how to get fine crumbles of ground beef for things like tacos, hot dog chili or nachos? It’s EASY and you can do it without any problem! No need to stand around chipping away with a wooden spoon or spatula, it only takes a minute or two and I’ll show you how to …

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two slices of fried bologna on a paper towel

How to Fry Bologna

Hot, Crispy, Perfectly Flavorful, fried bologna is a wonderful (and sometimes preferred) meat that can be used as a breakfast side, sandwich meat, delightful snack or even as the main course at dinner. Let me show you how to fry bologna perfectly, every single time! 

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shiny cheese topped rice in round red dish

Green Chili Rice

Cheesy, flavorful and bursting with unctuous gusto that will have your family BEGGING for more! This Green Chili Rice is sure to hit the regular dinner rotation! It couldn’t be easier and I’ll show you how in just a few easy steps! 

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Quart size freezer bag of ribeye steak

How To Thaw A Steak Fast

Did you ever forget to take the steak out of the freezer and now it’s almost dinner time and you are faced with the frozen pizza or running up the street to go through the drive thru? I’ve done it too. In fact, I did it today. That’s why I’m going to share How to …

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a photo ofFRESH HOMEMADE LEMONADE CONCENTRATE from farther off showing the pitcher and the glass and the reamer and the lemon

Fresh Homemade Lemonade

Zesty, Sour, Sweet and JUST THREE INGREDIENTS? What’s stopping you from making lemonade today? Fresh Homemade Lemonade is what you’ve been missing and your family will beg for more! So simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! 

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