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How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

Everyone loves cooking on Cast Iron, the even heat, the non stick surface, the…. Oh wait! Has your non stick surface gone KaPute? Time to learn the steps for How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet!

Seasoning your Cast Iron will keep it beautiful and slick and better than any nonstick surface you have ever owned. It’s simple to season a cast iron skillet, just follow the steps below for  How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet.

This is a photo of a reseasoned cast iron skilled for how to season a cast iron skillet

Reseasoned Cast Iron Pan ready for use!


Your first question might be, “But wait, do you REALLY HAVE to season cast iron”? That answer depends on the following:  Is the surface beginning to stick? If so, no problem, just season the skillet. Most cast iron required occasional seasoning. It isn’t difficult to do.

When you think about it, your nonstick skillets begin to lose their nonstick ability too when they become scratched. I don’t care how hard you try to keep them from scratching, it is likely to happen. The difference? Nonstick will not go back on those other pans! Beautiful cast iron is fixable, you can re-season it!


The “seasoning” refers to the pans ability to remain non stick. A well seasoned pan is one that doesn’t stick. If you purchased your cast iron brand new, it probably came from the factory preseasoned. Did you buy used? No problem, simply follow the directions below for How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet.


There are several things that will make the seasoning weaken (and, trust me, there is disagreement in the world about what those things are – but this is what I’ve found to be true). Treating your cast iron harshly will make you have to know How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet even sooner!

  1. Washing with harsh cleansers.
  2. Cooking tomato based sauces or other acid foods in the pan.
  3. Scrubbing the pans with an abrasive pad after use.


  • WASHING  – Most sources say to NOT wash your cast iron, to rinse and wipe out well. That might be so, but I have never been able to do that. I always feel that they need a little soap and elbow grease. So, I use a mild soap and a soft dish cloth – that usually works fine. If something DOES stick, I use a brillo pad and scrub as lightly as possible to remove the substance.
  • COOKING – You can cook whatever you like in your cast iron, but understand that acid dishes (like tomatoes and their juices) may weaken the seasoning in your pan. (No problem, just reseason).
  • STORING – After cleaning your pan, allow to air dry completely and then store in a dry location. I keep mine hanging on peg board in my kitchen to keep air circulating.
  • RESEASONING – When your pan begins to lose its luster, begins to stick or shows any visible rust colored haze, it is time to reseason. Just follow the directions in How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet.


You may not have shortening in your kitchen. It is ok to use whatever oil you have. Coconut oil is fine. Vegetable oil is fine. I simply find that shortening has worked the best for me.


You only need:

  • The Cast Iron in need of seasoning
  • An oven
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Food safe oil (shortening, vegetable oil, coconut oil, etc.)
  • A paper towel to wipe the oil on with (optional)


If you search the internets, you will find that everyone has an opinion about the best cast iron. You will hear much of the following:

  • Old cast iron is best
  • New cast iron is too thin
  • Certain brands are best
  • Only the most expensive brand will work

All of that is hogwash. Here is my experience, some old cast iron isn’t worth a flip. There is old cast iron that is GREAT! You can find new cast iron that is wonderful too! The secret is that you want a nice heavy pan that will distribute the heat evenly. That is it!


I recently WON $250 worth of Lodge Cast Iron (all new) and it is every bit as good as my old cast iron and compared to other world class cookware, it isn’t expensive at all. Here is an affiliate link to Amazon so you can go look around – just click the photo – you’ll see that it is affordable. I promise, it is good quality!


Here are some excellent recipes that will work GREAT in your newly seasoned cast iron…

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Southern Fried Potatoes and Onions

Marinated Pork Chops

Garlic Bacon Bok Choy

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The skillet in this photo badly needs to be reseasoned. It has a rusty haze. Do you see that it is no longer shiny on the bottom surface? That is because I made spaghetti sauce in this pan. No problem, it gives me a pan to show you, right?

A photo of a rusty skillet for how to season a cast iron skillet

This pan needs to be reaseasoned!

Cover the BOTTOM rack in your oven with aluminum foil (this saves your stove from a mess later). This aluminum foil will catch any drips. How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

The bottom rack for the oven covered in foil for how to season a cast iron skillet

Cover the bottom rack with aluminum foil

Wipe on a thin layer of shortening. A VERY THIN layer. Don’t cake it on. While you do this, preheat your oven to 350.

A photo of a skillet with shortening wiped on with a paper towel for how to season a cast iron skillet

Apply oil in a thin coat

Turn the pan upside down and place in the oven and bake as directed below. This allows any excess oil to drip out of the pan and keeps it from collecting in the pan.

A photo of the pan in the oven for how to season a cast iron skillet

Turn the pan upside down in the oven

Final product for How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

This is a photo of a reseasoned cast iron skilled for how to season a cast iron skillet

Reseasoned Cast Iron Pan ready for use!


  1. Clean the skillet well by using a pot scrubber or wire brush. Then wash in hot soapy water. Dry well.
  2. Cover the bottom rack in your oven with aluminum foil.
  3. Preheat oven to 350
  4. Using shortening (or any other oil of your choice – vegetable oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil – absolutely your choice –   I use shortening because it’s what I have found works best in my kitchen). Wipe the oil on in a thin but visible coat using a paper towel.
  5. Put the skillet in the oven upside down on the rack just above the one you have covered with aluminum foil (drips fall on the aluminum foil).
  6. Keep skillet in the oven at 350 for an hour.
  7. Turn the oven off and allow the skillet to cool completely in the oven.
  8. When cool, remove and wash lightly with hot water. Dry completely. Your skillet is seasoned and ready to use!


Please leave me a5 star🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟commentbelow in the comment section, all right? I would LOVE to know if you made this recipe or even if you are planning to! Of course, head on over to Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and tag me with some photos of your creation!

I can’t wait!

Ya’ll know I love your comments!!

Yield: 1 skillet

How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

This is a photo of a reseasoned cast iron skilled for how to season a cast iron skillet

These instructions inform the reader how to season a cast iron skillet

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Additional Time 50 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $2.00


  • Cast iron skillet
  • soap and water
  • vegetable shortening
  • paper towel
  • aluminum foil


  • wire brush (possibly)
  • oven


  1. Remove any obvious rust from the cast iron skillet with a wire brush. Wash well in hot soapy water.
  2. Allow the skillet to completely air dry.
  3. Using a paper towel apply a thin coat of vegetable oil.
  4. Preheat the oven to 350.
  5. Place a piece of aluminum foil that is bigger than the skillet beneath the skillet.
  6. place the skillet upside down in the oven and heat at 350 for an hour. Turn the oven off.
  7. Allow the skillet to come back to room temp inside the oven.
  8. Remove the skillet and the aluminum foil from the oven and and use the skillet as needed.


Reaseason the skillet any time the finish starts to wear.

You will find you may need to reseason if you cook something acidic in the pan (like tomato sauce)

Clean your pan using very mild soap and water or simply wipe with a paper towel and reuse.



At 6:30 am today, the caller ID announced my youngest daughter’s name. I answered the phone and I heard sniffling. I suddenly felt that sinking panicky flush of nerves. If you are a parent, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

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Wendi is the writer, CEO and dishwasher at Loaves and Dishes! When not in the kitchen or behind the computer, you can find Wendi serving on International Food Conference Boards, Speaking at various conferences, Leading and Cooking for the local Arts Council's "Taste of Stokes" events or donating home cooked goodies to various local non profits such as the Danbury Songwriters and Stokes Partnership for Children. Wendi is also a Registered Nurse with a Master's Degree and serves on her town's board of councilmen.


Thursday 2nd of March 2023

After all these years I discover I'm seasoning my pan wrong! I "inherited" my husband's grandmothers cast iron pan nearly 40 yrs ago (meaning I got to it before anyone else in his family lol) It has to be 100 years old by now if not older! I was told to just deep fry something in it to re-season it. It never really did a good enough job in my opinion and I guess I now know has to be empty, heated and cooled properly. Going to give this a try tomorrow. Thanks for the tips

Wendi Spraker

Friday 3rd of March 2023

One update to the article: Just put a thin layer of crisco on your pan before baking it. That works best. Use less than what it looks like in the photos. Hope this helps.


Sunday 8th of January 2023

Hello I reseasoned mine with a thin layer of Crisco but didn’t turn it upside down, is it still ok? It’s new and I’ve only used it twice to make cornbread & it stuck both times. Do I need to season again and let it bake upside down? TY

Wendi Spraker

Sunday 8th of January 2023

There's no problem if you didn't bake it upside down, you will simply have a thicker layer of baked on crisco in your pan. It will cook off, no worries.


Monday 24th of October 2022

I. Remember my mom putting a cast iron skillet into a hot Brick barbecue flame to clean off the build up. That was 60 years ago. Dad made the best fried chicken and gravy

Wendi Spraker

Wednesday 26th of October 2022

Yep, we turn the grill on high and stick the cast iron in there. No problem.


Thursday 10th of June 2021

I just can't do it. If we turned on the oven for an hour, we would have gotten whooped for wasting all that money on the fuel. I don't use the oven for anything that takes that long but if I did, say a roast, I'd try and do them at the same time. But again, I'd never do a roast for the same reason, I have to use a slow cooker. I guess that's why I hate cast iron. It isn't non stick and ruins eggs, and tears off the crush of fish and chicken. Kudos to all who use it successfully. Teflon is just so toxic.

At wits end

Monday 12th of April 2021

I flowed your instructions and my skillet came out sticky & tacky. What did I do wrong?

Wendi Spraker

Monday 12th of April 2021

Hi. I believe that your layer of Crisco was a little thick. No worries, just wash your pan and use it a few times and you will note that it will be just perfect.

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