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Main Dish Favorites

Main dishes prepared to impress!  Invite picky eaters and your WORST critics and see them gobble their dinner down!

You'll fine Marinated Pork Chops, Steak Rubs and Crock Pot Pot Roast and all the other recipes you need in your life!


How to cook Ground Beef from frozen, from scratch, homemade, in a crockpot, in a skillet, in an instapot, in a pressure cooker, in the microwave. Great for spaghetti, nachos, tacos, sloppy joes and more! Be your own Paula Deen or Pioneer Woman! #groundbeef #recipes

How To Break Up Ground Beef

Ever wondered how to get fine crumbles of ground beef for things like tacos, hot dog chili or nachos? It’s EASY and you can do it without any problem! No need to stand around chipping away with a wooden spoon or spatula, it only takes a minute or two and I’ll show you how to …

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two slices of fried bologna on a paper towel

How to Fry Bologna

Hot, Crispy, Perfectly Flavorful, fried bologna is a wonderful (and sometimes preferred) meat that can be used as a breakfast side, sandwich meat, delightful snack or even as the main course at dinner. Let me show you how to fry bologna perfectly, every single time! 

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Quart size freezer bag of ribeye steak

How To Thaw A Steak Fast

Did you ever forget to take the steak out of the freezer and now it’s almost dinner time and you are faced with the frozen pizza or running up the street to go through the drive thru? I’ve done it too. In fact, I did it today. That’s why I’m going to share How to …

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tomato pieces with cheese melted over the top for the Easy Taco Bake Casserole

Easy Taco Bake Casserole

Festive, tasty, meaty and the perfect answer to “what’s for supper”! This Easy Taco Bake Casserole will have you ready for dinner in minutes, using what you have in the pantry and fridge because there are literally HUNDREDS of substitutions! Get a whiz bang mouthful today! 

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A close up photo of how to cook canned black beans on the stove


Rich, hearty, healthy and delicious! No matter what you call them, Black Beans, Turtle Beans and Frijoles Negros are all the same glorious bean that you can have on the table fast (in terms of dried beans) with a kick tail ton of flavor if you follow my simple instructions for how to cook dried …

close up of the cheese on top of soup

8 Can Taco Soup

Fast Easy 8 Can Taco Soup that is so delicious you’ll be on your way to a Spicy Delight in minutes flat by simply adding a few extra seasonings to 8 cans (pintos is one!) and dinner is served. The bonus is that it gets better the next day!

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