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Easy Comfort Food Recipes

Sarah's Sausage Balls

Sarah’s Sausage Balls

Sarah’s Sausage Balls The Dog YELPED! That’s no way to get ready for a party. Not at all. “It couldn’t be ANY EASIER, just mix together sausage, bisquick and cheese – it is that simple – the simplest dish in the world”, my friend said. “You are a GREAT cook, certainly it won’t be any …

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Simple Cha Cha Chicken

Simple Cha Cha Chicken

Mr Loaves and Dishes and I have noticed that someone shrunk our clothes. I think it is incredibly rude how my jeans pinch my waist. Sweet hubby doesn’t like for his shirt to touch his belly. It’s touching. This might mean there are more veggies in our future, but I think salads get boring and …

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BBQ Chicken Nachos

The cookbooks for the giveaway on this post are a gift from Kix Brooks but the cookbook review and the recipe are all mine. I have a Major MAJOR dilemma! There is something I REALLY want to do tonight when I get off work!!! However, I DO need to fix SOMETHING for the Mr and …

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Easy Breakfast Casserole

Easy Breakfast Casserole

Will it stunt a child’s growth if they eat Easy Breakfast Casserole about once per week for dinner for their entire childhood? I can attest. No, they will grow up perfectly healthy. I have three living examples to prove it. Seriously – at least once per week – yeah, I’m not proud. “Her poor children, …

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Mac and Cheese Soup

Mac and Cheese Soup

Can we talk for a minute? Isn’t it a shame that comfort food takes such a beating? I mean, here we are on the cusp of one of the greatest comfort food holidays of the year and folks get so judgy. I mean, think about it, we could potentially be faced with mounds of heaping, …

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Sharp Cheese Dip

Sharp Cheese Dip

WHOOT WHOOT! Who has two thumbs and LOVES some sharp cheese? ME! That’s who! This delicious Sharp Cheese Dip features Gorgonzola cheese – and I mean features it in an awesome kind of way! Have a party to go to this summer? Perfect, and I do mean this is the perfect dip to take along …

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Chicken with breading and green snow peas on a white plate

Mama’s Most Juicy Chicken

Hello and Welcome Dear Friends to Loaves and Dishes!!!   From  guest contributor,  Sarah Uselton!   Hi Everyone, Sarah here! Every time I come home my mom always calls me a day or so ahead and asks what I want for dinner. Most of the time I ask for her famous “Fettuccini Alfredo”. I hope …

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Spaghetti with red mead sauce on a white plate with two forks

Best Ever Spaghetti Sauce

  Welcome to Loaves and Dishes, I am so very glad that you are here.   Wow! Spaghetti Sauce! Pretty exciting, eh? Yep, I know. But the reality is that I need for you to know this sauce because it appears in other recipes too! Besides, if you are like me – you have probably …

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