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Adding ingredients for tomato pie

Tomato Pie

Layers of fresh juicy tomatoes, bright summer herbs and tangy delicious CHEESE! This Tomato Pie Recipe is the ultimate Southern Dish. It literally SCREAMS “Summer Time” and is truly my most favorite dish of the summer.

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Close up of the browned crust with sugary sprinkle

Easy Blueberry Pie

This Easy Blueberry Pie is FRESH, DELICIOUS and every flavor is ON POINT!  It is BURSTING with sweet blueberry flavor that will have your running for more blueberries FAST!  Why This Recipe For Easy Blueberry Pie Works… Use FRESH blueberries when they are in season. You can use FROZEN blueberries when not in season. The …

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This is another photo of the Old Fashioned Lemon Chess Pie with a slice out and it is turned so you can see the inside of the pie

Chess Pie

When it comes to Chess Pie, resistance is futile. Silky, smooth, subtly flavored with lemon, chocolate or one of many delicious flavors, this is the right answer. No matter the question. 

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Vinegar Pie

Vinegar Pie

This vinegar pie is the perfect extraordinary balance of sweet and tart for a surprisingly wonderful taste. The gooey center goes wonderfully with the crispy upper crust and like any type of chess pie is melt in your mouth goodness from the very first bite!

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A slice of coconut custard pie

Coconut Custard Pie

This is a warm, silky, lightly sweet, eggy coconut custard pie that reminds you of grandmother’s dining room table for a holiday dinner. Coconut Custard Pie tastes similar to the Christmas Macarons that you love!

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A photo of Meat Lovers Quiche with a plate and napkin

Meat Lovers Quiche

You will find a TON of Cowboy recipes on Loaves and Dishes and at the risk of doing another one, I’ve decided to just call this one, Meat Lovers Quiche, because, well, you know, maybe Cowboys don’t even like meat? Who knows!

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Old Fashion Butterscotch Pie

Old Fashion Butterscotch Pie

***this recipe for old fashioned butterscotch pie originally appeared on Loaves and Dishes on June 24, 2016 and has been updated with new information*** A tree never grows far from its roots. Who said that? ME! I said that! I made it up just now! My roots are why you are seeing Old Fashion Butterscotch …

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Overhead view of the whole pie Fudge Chocolate Pecan Pie

Fudge Chocolate Pecan Pie

As I brewed  the bones of our Thanksgiving turkey to yield broth that will flavor dishes from now until spring, I imagined a spurious pie coupling my chocolate fudge pie with my pecan pie. I’ve never quite felt like Dr. Frankenstein in the kitchen until now, and the resulting Fudge Chocolate Pecan pie is stunning.

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An overhead photo of the CHOCOLATE CHESS PIE


Sometimes you make a pie because you have a good reason and sometimes the good reason is that your sweet tooth will soon devour your tongue if you don’t feed it. Who needs an excuse to eat pie, anyway? No one we want to be friends with, right? That is especially true with Chocolate Chess …