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Who me? Don’t mind me. I’m just sitting over here munching on my Carolina Christmas Beans just like I’ve been doing for the past couple of days. I thought we might need an alternative to Green Bean Casserole – I mean, I LOVE Green Bean Casserole – but, I’m a little tired of it, aren’t …

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This Easy Fast Holiday Side Dish Sausage and Rice is perfect for the upcoming holidays, when company visits or for when you need a quick dinner dish! This simple TWO ingredient dish represents everything that was tough about my childhood. OK. I might be stretching it a little. You should check it out though. Just click …

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This post sponsored by Ragu. To celebrate fall, I’m throwing a mouth party that will allow you a little more couch time – how is that for a favorite comfort food?! In this new take on a traditional dish, Chorizo Mouth Party Lasagna Rolls uses Ragu Pasta Sauce and introduces Mexican Chorizo to Spanish Serrano Jamon and …

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Nutella Crazy! I think that is what has happened here. I have gone completely Nutella Crazy! Even so – you should overlook this touch of illness and give my Nutella Jam Cakes a try! So simple and So Yummy – you can’t eat just one! Hazelnut, Chocolate Mocha and Strawberry – so GREAT together!

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