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Healthy Favorites

Taste and Flavor abound in these Healthy Favorites!  Try one of these TODAY!

Red, tasty, perfect pieces of tomato adorning the top of your delightfully made green salad! Or beautiful tomato wedges of heirloom tomatoes and red onions decorating that classic tomato salad recipe! It’s EASY. With the article, “how to cut a tomato for salad recipe (The Right Way)” in hand, you’ll be the host with the …

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A flavorful bowl of slowly cooked southern-style collard greens with some spicy pot liquor (hello red pepper flakes) and ham hocks is just the thing  You’ll know the secret to easy southern collard greens recipe (& how to clean) with this soul food collard greens recipe from a sweet little old Southern grandma!

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You can get that tangy, slightly sweet flavor of homemade sauerkraut yourself as the perfect side with this german sauerkraut recipe! When you know how to cook sauerkraut from a bag recipe (easy), you’ll know it’s one of the best things ever made with a head of cabbage. This simple recipe is our favorite way …

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Cooking Ground Turkey offers a lean and flavorful alternative to traditional ground beef opening up a world of delicious possibilities in this best recipe for how to cook ground turkey!  The best way to harness the savory potential of lean ground turkey involves a thoughtful approach to preparation.  Begin by choosing quality lean ground turkey, …

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