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Diabetic/Low Carb Friendly

Diabetic and Low Carb Friendly

Just because you are eating low carb or diabetic doesn't mean you have to give up flavor and TASTE!  You'll be rocking on to flavor town with these delectable recipes!

Enjoy Crockpot Pot Roast, Garlic Bacon Bok Choy and even Peach and Fruity Salsa!

grilled chicken breast on board

Ginger Lime Chicken

Lime Chicken infused with fresh gingery, garlicky and bright flavors! The trick to getting interesting flavors that WORK in a simple lime marinade is to use a combination of citrus flavors combined with sharp garlic like in this Ginger Lime Chicken!

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fresh green beans roasted in aluminum foil on the grill

Foil Roasted Green Beans

Easy, fast, fresh green summer taste and NOTHING could be easier than grilling green beans in a foil packet! These foil roasted green beans suit everyone’s taste and you’ll be getting all the OOOoo’s and AAAahh’s around the dinner table when you serve up this beautiful and delicious side dish! 

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A close up photo of how to cook canned black beans on the stove


Rich, hearty, healthy and delicious! No matter what you call them, Black Beans, Turtle Beans and Frijoles Negros are all the same glorious bean that you can have on the table fast (in terms of dried beans) with a kick tail ton of flavor if you follow my simple instructions for how to cook dried …

Spoonful of Hot Cheesy Bacon Party Dip

Hot Bacon Dip

Hot, Cheesy, Rich, Smoky with a hint of fresh and BACON! It feels like nothing bad could happen EVER again! Dip it with a chip, spread it on bread, serve for a tailgate, take it to a party or Netflix and chill with this hot bacon dip recipe! It’s great for everything in life! 

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